Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A sad year for plastic bats

If you ever enjoyed following my Halloween collecting blogs, you may have noticed that last year was a little lackluster, with less than half the usual finds and none of them quite as bizarre as such past discoveries as the creeping brain or magnificent maggot. This year, the state of Halloween merchandising is even poorer. We're in the middle of September, when I'd usually have well over a couple dozen wacky toys and decor to blog about, but I've literally seen nothing new this year across any of the usual outlets. Things may pick up in October, but it's likely I'll only have enough junk for a single blog post.

On the upside, the Mortasheen Role Playing Game is coming along smoothly, I'm working on an improved version of my horror coloring book from last year and I hope to have a couple other cool announcements soon as well.