Thursday, September 08, 2011


I've always been disappointed by most of the toys available to today's kids...back in the 80's and early 90's we had Boglins, Madballs, Mad Scientist, Ghostbusters, Monster in My Pocket, Trash Bag Bunch, GERMS and loads of other freaky, imaginative monster toy lines, few of which were directly lifted from a cartoon show or film and many of which I've already written about extensively on Bogleech. Recently, however, a toy line has emerged that would have been right at home with all the gross and gooey plastic ghouls of the past. While I've never stopped collecting toys completely, I haven't been this delighted by a toy property in over a decade. I am referring, of course, to this:

An irreverent parody of the popular Squinkies, these squishy little guys cover almost every theme I love most. They've got maggots, microbes, monsters, slimes, anthropomorphic rotting pizza...every character is supposed to represent something you find in garbage, and you may already know of my weakness for garbage based monsters.

It's a shame that creative endeavors like these are often doomed to fail without a cartoon backing them up...these are actually by "Moose" toys, which comes up with something new on an almost yearly basis and only rarely manages to keep it afloat.

You know I'll probably do a full blown site article on these sooner or later, but for now: