Tuesday, February 09, 2010

More mutant neopets

So I've already talked about how neopets.com betrayed me once before, but the mutant chia is far from the website's only instance of something memorably badass getting buried and forgotten:

Here, we have the aborted "Mutant Aisha." This beautiful design was uploaded to neopets around the same time as the mutant chia, but was never released at all. They did eventually release a very different mutant Aisha which is fairly cool in its own right (it has tongues down its back and three mouths, for starters) but I'd have adored this crazy bug-eyed chestburster-cat.

Goodnight sweet prince :(

Next, we have the similarly aborted mutant bruce. This snot-dripping, eerie-eyed penguin looks like it was meant to replace the mutant chia, and was in fact uploaded to neopets shortly before the chia's horrible makeover. It even has some similar battle poses. Alas, it was deleted from the servers, and the mutant bruce available today is only about half as creepy.

The mutant "Usul" here is a pet that DID see release, and was changed the same day as the chia. The modern mutant Usul is a gothic, purple critter with three eyes, drawn in a reasonably neat style but nowhere near as creative or gross as this warty, hairless pusbag. THIS is what I think of when someone says "mutant." Sadly, I didn't save any of its other poses.