Monday, August 08, 2011

Revenge of the H2 Ghost

So Imaginext has been producing this really great line of aliens and spacemen suitable for the pre-K crowd, and I can't help noticing similarities between one of their latest offerings and something from my own childhood. Here's Imaginext's two-in-one alien:

Now, here's "H2 Ghost" from the Real Ghostbusters toy line:

I usually hate it when people draw similarities like these, but in this case, there are far too many details in common here for a coincidence. We've even got the same number eyeballs and jaws per monster!

Somebody or other at Imaginext may have grown up in the same era that I did, and fondly recall the wacky array of original monster toys that weren't ripped straight from the latest Hollywood brain fart. H2 Ghost was never prominently featured in the Ghostbusters cartoon - almost none of the toys were.