Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TRUBBISH in the Pokeymanz cartewn

A whole episode of the Pokemon anime has recently centered around Yabukuron/Trubbish, the living garbage bag, and it's cuter than I ever even imagined:

The unnatural toxic monstrosity is found sad and all alone (NO!!!) by a bunch of preschool kids who try to keep it, but their bitch-ass teacher (nanny? What do you call someone who runs a preschool?) thinks it's too dirty and smelly and tries to send it away. As you can imagine, Ash shows up and helps to change her mind, especially when the filthy blob saves her life from some falling debris (which it was partly to blame for, but never mind that)



He even imitates Pikachu's pose in a (superior) attempt to be cute.

Yeah, you're days are numbered, children.