Monday, September 05, 2011

Tideland Salvage!

I'm still in my home state of Maryland for one more day, but it was only a day ago I got to visit its widely renowned Renaissance Faire for the first time ever. I made a more general post to my Livejournal about it, but there are two specific attractions that I'd like to post for bogleech. The first is an art shop...and quite possibly one of the coolest on this Earth. The images are self-explanatory, but that won't stop me from explaining them.

Rats, bats, and lots and lots of vultures. Vultures with crab claws for heads. Hundreds of them looming from driftwood in a rickety, worn little wooden shanty. There is nothing else anybody should ever need to spend their money on but this.

Best of all...roaches!!! It's amazing how realistic they look with just one mollusk shell for a body. These were hair clips, and he took a dollar off if you were willing to wear them out, which I was going to do anyway.

I really wish I'd caught the artist's name...he deserves some recognition. I googled an assortment of keywords that should have brought him up if anyone else had bothered to talk about him, and I came up dry.