Friday, September 15, 2006

Some stuff!

So I've finally put up a section for the brain-farts I call "flash cartoons", which are nowhere near as good as the ones currently in-production (don't expect them anytime soon, I am a legendary procrastinator), as well as a gallery of my house in the newly-revamped personal bio with a couple of Halloween updates, to boot!

But enough about that, it's time to talk a little about "Creepsters".

In the search for Halloween rubbish, I regularly check out "Ollie's" funky-smelling bargain outlet in the ghettos of Aberdeen, Maryland. I don't know why I do this, because Ollie's almost never sells anything for Halloween, but they do happen to sell products that were discontinued years these wonderful little "creepster cars" dated 2004 from "Playing Mantis" (a company that has since changed its name and adopted a grittier cockroach mascot).

At $1.99 per pack of three, it was impossible to resist snagging the complete set...and I even bought an extra one with "Brain Storm" just so I'd have two of him.

Each pack includes a mini-CD for the PC that details each car's stats, but uses what appear to be the early production designs:

Nearly all of them are shown with some sort of embedded marble, but only Brainstorm was given an entirely new face. Orb-It alone retains the sphere in his design, but it's only a ball of green plastic.

Someone really wanted these to be a big franchise, but it seems that we will never know what madcap adventures were awaiting this colorful cast...