Friday, May 28, 2010

Tech Deck Creatures

Check out this cool and adorable design for a sadly unproduced "Tech Deck Dude" skateboarding figure:

Doesn't he look like some sort of bug-eyed Velvet Worm? These images were originally found in an artist's portfolio, but I've been unable to find the website or the name. I also saved their plant monster from the same canceled line:

Safari Anomalous

These sessile alien lifeforms are the sort of latex horror prop I dream of owning, but $350 is a little out of my price range. I've never even paid much more than that for a car.

Safari Anomalous produces these and other gorgeous props which are definitely worth a look, even if you're as impovershed as I.

The King Maggot

This has been floating around my hard drive for years. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I originally found it:

The artist's name doesn't come up anywhere on Google, but whoever you are, Lyzol, you are a visionary.