Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trash Pack II

Continuing my opinions on one of the greatest toy series ever conceived, here's a packaging scan showing off most of the Trash Pack "Trashies:"

This is half of the largest category, the "Grubz" or rotten food monsters. My favorites here are Scum Gum and Garbage Egg. A lot of the others look a great deal alike, but "generic" for this series is still a slobbering buggy-eyed mutant.

There's an entire small chicken foot sculpted onto the back of Foul Nugget, by the way.

Here's thr rest of the Grubz, Smelly Fish is a contender for my favorite of the whole line, though he looks best in blue. I like Stale Bread's burger patty mouth, and how Mouldy Milk is trying not to vomit, and even swollen from the processes of fermentation.

These are the "hard rubbish" gang, and yes, toilet paper with shit in its eye is the clear winner. While I want to appreciate every one of these little bastards, Puke Pod is by far the least inspired design in the's in his name and he's one of the few figures that isn't puking. Rott Box doesn't seem that interesting either, but at least he is, in fact, rotting. I really like both types of footwear, and Scummy Screen is especially unique.

Every figure comes in at least two or three colors, but for some reason, the Snotten with green snot is the rarest.

The "Bin Critters" are overall the least interesting category to me, but I do love the filthiness of them. Trash rat, with his excessive slobber, is the better of the two rodents. I like the french fries stuck to garbage gull, almost everyone has an experience with seagulls and fast food.

I'd have expected a raccoon, skunk and opossum over the pig, mouse and squirrel however.

Of course all of the "Bin-sects" are great. I'm sure you know I've always wanted a cute little figure of a maggot, but the only maggot toys I've ever found are the realistic, sticky kind. Trash-a-pillar has a nice fatness and hilariously sickly expression as he horks up all over himself. Sour Snail is an obvious favorite of mine too, and the obligatory fly is cool enough.

"Blow fly" is a proper term for most common scavenging flies, but most people are probably going to wonder what kind of gag name it's supposed to be...and none of the answers are child-friendly.

The "Bin Monsters" are the most abstract group, encompassing a bunch of miscellany that just doesn't fit anywhere else. You've got a giant germ, a nondescript slime creature, a (were?)wolf, a frankenstein's monster someone apparently threw out, a murderous garden gnome (I didn't realize that's what it was until I saw it in person) named MANGLEZ, and the awesomely wormy compost monster. All of these guys are great, but you know I like the amorphous heaps the best.

Finally, you have the "Bin Fections," even though there's also a germ among the "monsters." I [i]love[/i] Chicky Pox's lopsided, imbecilic face. Flu Virus doesn't even try to look like anything in particular but a nasty, vicious little disease, which is excellent. Is the hand being eaten by Flesh Eating Disease from a tiny elf, or is Flesh Eating Disease bigger than a normal human??

Not pictured are the figures exclusive to the larger products; there's a rather crappy, flimsy plastic collector's case including the obligatory banana peel monster and a whole car crushed into a cube with a fender mouth. A giant metal trash can comes with a maggot-ridden human skull ([i]from a person's garbage?![/i]) and a sushi roll. Finally, a dump truck accessory comes with a tire and an oil can, presumably part of the garbage crew (RACIAL BETRAYERS)