Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Magic - Slugs!

Something I forgot during my Magic: The Gathering posts - the game has had only three slug-based monsters, the most recent being "Bog Elemental" by Glen Angus:

It's neat and all, but it's only an "elemental" that happens to be slug-like. To find an actual "slug" creature card, you'll have to go back to the 90's, with the straightforward "Giant Slug," a black card by Anson Maddocks:

I love that slobbering, toothless mouth and blank stare! It really looks quite horrifying. Even cooler, though, is a green creature by the same artist, "Spitting Slug:"

Even more deranged looking, this one has a mighty hump, a missing eyeball and a torrent of puke! It also has a lovably pathetic ability; you can pay to give it "first strike," an ability that allows a creature to do damage before its opponent. If you DON'T activate this ability, then any creature it tangles with gets automatic first strike instead. Either he pukes on everything or he gets beaten up on because he's just a slug. A spitting slug. A one-eyed spitting slug. There's a joke about something in there, somewhere, but I can't imagine what.