Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Terminix Monsters

While I can't say I condone the extermination industry, they always have some cool ad campaigns, and these may be some of the coolest! Bizarre, imaginative and disturbing monsters are used to exaggerate the dangers of various insect pests.

My favorite of the four, the (overhyped) disease carrying potential of cockroaches is symbolized by a multi-headed octopus slug! Its central body stays hidden in some jerk's cookie jar.

Here, a bunch of bat-winged, pug-faced blobs tear through a series of houses, apparently just like termites!

In a second termite analogy, a cool multi-jawed beast tears at some jerk's wood foundation!

Almost cooler than the slug-o-pus is this dangling, flabby booger-like monstrosity, analogous to an ant problem as it licks all the food in some poor jerk's pantry.