Friday, March 02, 2007

Pascagoula aliens

Real or imagined, UFO encounters have always been a fascinating foray into the eerie, and one of the eeriest encounters of all is no doubt the Mississippi incident of 1973, when 42-year-old Charles Hickson and his 19-year old coworker Calvin Parker claimed a close encounter with entirely disturbing creatures during a fishing trip at Pascagoula river. You can find their story in more detail on the internet, but the tale is distinguished only by its highly unusual aliens, described by both witnesses as expressionless, elephant-skinned, "mummy-like" humanoids with legs fused stiffly together and rubbery pincer-like hands. Able to float several inches off the ground, they reportedly produced unintelligible mumbling sounds and had some unseen method of paralyzing the two men where they stood.

Having spent a sizable chunk of my childhood reading about the paranormal, I think it's pretty noteworthy that Hickson and Parker's aliens inspired more nightmares than all the Chupacabras in Mexico.