Monday, August 01, 2011

Otakon 2011

Just spent the weekend visiting internet friends during Otakon 2011. As usual I didn't do a whole lot pertaining to the convention itself, but just walking around it is worth the registration with people who continuously generate comedy. Comedy you can only ever remember little snippets of and can never explain to anyone else without it sounding stupid. I was harrassed about cole slaw in a scary Cajun accent. I apparently spoke in my sleep and told everyone we "needed to be more future-ey." We wondered how a little girl would feel if her puppy surprise gave birth to a nondescript lump (or possibly a madball). We encountered a teenager who was very memorably not a turtle.

Here's dumb pictures!

Kneesocks (I think) from Panty & Stocking. There were probably ten sets of Scanty & Kneesocks running around, but I didn't see any other characters.

This is my friend Mike as his original invention Gyarados man (ORIGINAL CHARATER DO NOT STEAL!!!). He used his fancy art degree to build a professional quality costume, with a mask and props made from completely sanded down, rock hard paper mache. You would never guess they weren't plastic. My friend Caitlin is being Professor Juniper from the Black & White games. She punches me every year until I have bruises.

Gyarados man saved the city for real when he used his cape to put out a small fire. Some big fat ugly dick face with a gross butt (we didn't actually see who it was, I'm making an educated guess) left a cigarette in a flower bed full of wood chips in bone-dry 100 degree weather.

Gyarados man briefly teamed up with Axe cop! They got all the bad guys!

This same James showed up last year with a floating Koffing. It's since evolved into a Weezing!

Slave Leia from Star Wars, made of balloons!

James became Magikarp Lad for a while.

These entirely different Harleys bumped into one another by accident in front fo us. I apparently a missed a Harley Quinn tea party somewhere.

Here's this thing. What IS this thing?


This nice girl was going to sell us her Magikarp for only $500, but she backed out when we were just going to eat it.


This Dalek was awfully well made but I never saw a person inside. Maybe it was just real.

As expected, Minecraft characters were everywhere. Naturally easy costumes to plan, but I'm sure all the pixels can be tedious to get just right.

Best Ghostbusters group I've ever seen at Otakon, but about half of that is due to Janine.

The hotel we always stay at has a shark mascot you can meet during the complementary breakfast!

A piranha plant with a pipe even!

The Silent Hill cosplay always makes me feel a little less lame to be at something called "Otakon." Silent Hill eats rapes japanimation for breakfast.

Nurses always seem to have a lot of fun twitching around and stalking people.

These guys seemed like the best this year, though really, all the SH costumes would be hard to top.

Here is Mike dressed as a girl because he does that.

And then even CAIT dressed as a girl!!!

I drew a picture of Cait but she hit me in the face with it becuse were frenids.

SECRET: Slowking Hat Shellder is the most powerful pocket man!

Cardboard DBZ hair was being given away for free to promote something or other. On the last day, they formed into this guy.

This is our friend Ben's knee!!!

I drew a new picture of Cait with pen so she couldn't smudge it. She has dragon legs and there are some babies because she is a teacher.

I took three videos worth uploading, though two of the are from the Aquarium afterwards:

Our friend Amanda hadn't come to see us for three years but showed up as a surprise mid-way through the convention then we murdered her.

We murdered her two and a half extra times.

Since the dealer's room always has the latest wave of Pokemon merchandise, I was hopingIthere might be something of Trubbish or Garbodor, and there was! I had to scour every booth to find the two "finger puppet" figures, and I'm positive they were the only two there. That's $30 worth of garbage, I'll have you know.

After Baltimore's japan crap party ended we went to the aquarium like we usually do. Here's some videos!

Look at these jellyfish! Look how much they GO! They are all the colors! They never stop going!!

Cait and Susan show off their fancy educations as they describe for us some of the aquarium's exhibits.