Wednesday, March 21, 2007


1997's "Extreme Ghostbusters" was met with mixed feelings - the stories were great, but the new team completely lacked the charm of the sarcastic scientists my generation grew up with.

Regardless, the creature designs by returning artist Fil Barlow were creepier than ever, and include some of the most horrific beings ever written into a children's show - particularly "Tenebraug", the eyeball-stealing demon from the episode "The Unseen:"

This towering monstrosity is the guardian of an ancient stone sphere left behind by an unknown civilization. The sphere is apparently so sacred those who see it may never be allowed to see anything again, and it is Tenebraug's job to collect the fee!

He speaks from the eyeless, withered face in his upper body, but can say only one thing: "Sacred sight you did partake, now your sight you must forsake". The orifice in his stomach emits a red light which sucks the eyeballs from his victim's sockets, and he can control his many eyes individually.

In the episode, Tenebraug's orb is the latest acquisition of a local museum, its true nature unknown to the curators. You can guess how the episode ends: someone manages to show Tenebraug his own orb, all of his eyeballs are returned to their original owners, and both the orb and demon are obliterated. Hardly fair...the guy was only doing his job.