Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Back in July, my friend Jesse woke me up to go to the most amazing depository of toys I have seen in many, many years:

Here he is browsing one wall. It's actually just a storage unit, but it belonged to a kind old man (I never met him, but Jesse had on several occasions) who spent his entire life amassing thousands and thousands of toys, records and curiosities. He was claimed by Alzheimer's last year, and wanted people to enjoy his collection, so his son is selling everything for even less than it was originally bought...way less.


I was overwhelmed at every turn...seemingly every toy line from every decade was represented in some small part, and the most insane part of all? "Most of it was snapped up already"...I don't even want to know what that could have been if this is what I saw today.

Here's what Jesse bought:

Here we have an original Boglin, still in the box. They sold this to Jesse for SEVEN DOLLARS. If you know what these are, you're probably Jealous.

This "Robot 17" was only around eight dollars, still in its box, still fully functional (it fires the missiles and projects a scrolling martian landscape on its chest!)...according to the internet, it's worth $200. There was a whole table of robots like these.

$10 in the box, and his pull string still works!

Now, here's what *I* bought:

A bag of dinosaurs including the elusive Dungeons & Dragons monsters!

A Mars Attacks action figure! They had TONS of Mars Attacks toys, which are highly rare and collectible. I passed these up back when they were new, so this is my first toy from the line. I figured I should start out with one of the basic aliens.

A giant, bendable biker-cockroach from CAPITOL CRITTERS. I remember this cartoon. It was not very good and a huge flop. I didn't even know there were toys!

He's got bendy limbs, a hollow rubber head and a foam rubber body.

This is part of Modulok, a villain from She-Ra. He originally came with dozens of pieces you could mix and match, but this is a fairly decent minimum to get for just a dollar; these are both of the heads he came with.


OPTIK! I had my eye on this guy for years when I was a kid, and never got him until now.

SWARM! The spider-man villain made entirely of bees in a cape!

....And finally....


This is a product I would never even believe existed. I had no idea there was any Mars Attacks merchandise besides the action figures, let alone something you can put on your Christmas tree. These might already be among my all-time favorite possessions...and I'm itching to try them out with different color lights or perhaps the flashing kind.

.....EVERYTHING I bought combined? $30.


Anonymous saturn said...

I had that exact same Home Alone doll when I was little, haha.

I actually vaguely remember Capitol Critters... they used to show it on Cartoon Network at some ungodly hour of the morning on weekends and I'd catch a few minutes whenever woke up early for whatever reason.

1:01 PM  

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