Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Halloween

Yes, it's the end of December and I'm just now catching up my site blog to my Halloween.

My Pumpkin this year is a Surinam Toad or "Pipa Pipa," with froglets I sculpted out of Play-Doh.

My friend Jesse carved a nice Haunter (Pokemon)

My other friend Dylan carved an amazing Slimer after I drew him on the pumpkin in pen!

Everyone's pumpkins! I also carved the vertical mouth with lots of eyes, which was kinda lazy and random. You can only see the mouth of my frog, on the far left.

Finally, costumes!

Believe it or not, I have almost never made my own costume or found anything to actually DO for Halloween. It was usually a matter of having no friends, so the most I'd ever do is put on a store-bought mask and go trick or treating. This year I wanted to finally be creative, so I spent two days wiring together a plastic hat, some window screen and over 70 rubber bugs. I also fashioned a sort of "tie" out of other bugs and wore insect puppets on my hands; just a giant swarm of arthropods wearing people clothes.

Jesse put just as much work into a scarecrow costume, sewing a burlap bag into a head and hands and stuffing all his clothes with straw, suffering horrible itchiness and allergies to get the "authentic" scarecrow experience.

Dylan, on the other hand, spent what must have been at least 20 hours on his costume, even with several people helping out. They collected bark from paper trees (the lightest bark available) and tons of spanish moss which they hot-glued to a sweater, overalls and a wire frame for the head. You probably can't tell, but he also had tiny red LED's for the eyes, taken from a light-up rubber ball. His joints could not bend (he had to lie flat in the car), he could barely see, he could only walk at half normal speed and he nearly passed out from the heat...but the constant screams of children and the parents stopping us for photos were all worth it.

Yes, despite our ages we went out trick or treating...or attempted to, anyway. Less than one in five houses were giving out candy...not for lack of Halloween spirit, but EXCESS. I have never, ever in my entire life seen so many people of all ages walking the streets of an ordinary suburb. It wasn't part of an event, there was no party or parade or anything, they were ALL out trick or treating or escorting trick or treaters, to the point that almost nobody was left to hand OUT the treats! No big complaints really, since this made it more like a massive outdoor Halloween convention.


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