Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Miscellaneous monster post: Drawdo!

One of my all-time favorite video game bosses is a pretty obscure one. "Drawdo" appears with little to no explanation in one of the final dungeons of Wild Arms 2 on the playstation:

I dig the "Shapeless Slime Monster" title, and I also dig just how loosely they're defining "Shapeless Slime."

See, apparently "Shapeless Slime" means "Melted Pile of Moray Eels with Dinosaur Feet." Naturally, he has only gross, toxic attacks. Optochemical Bomb (kickass name) inflicts almost every status condition in the game!

This guy may very well be my favorite Muck Monster design of all time.

Sorry, Guys...five heads are better than one. And Moray Eel heads are better than not Moray Eel heads.


Blogger John said...

How about that! I certainly recall this guy, what a nasty bugger..

9:08 PM  
Blogger Kid Squiddy said...

This has inspired me to draw a slime monster of my own. I MUST find my pencil!!

1:57 AM  
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Anonymous saturn said...

D: I thought what you and Raremon had was SPECIAL!!

On the topic of obscure video game monsters, I kinda vaguely remember a similar boss in Skies of Arcadia for the GC/DC? I do remember that game had giant roaches using human corpses as marionettes as regular enemies, though. Pretty awesome.

12:55 PM  
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