Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Parasite Eve monsters!

A deviantart member has posted a journal with scans from the Parasite Eve artbook, loaded with awesome creature designs! I always loved the monsters from this one, but had never found detailed images of them until now. Check them all out here: http://kompepperochu.deviantart.com/journal/25673377/

A few of my favorites:

I love the utterly maniacal, impossibly wide smile of the mutant chameleon.

The Mixedman is a mighty disturbing tangle of anatomy, with an exceedingly bizarre attack method: small, fleshy spheres that bounce around wildly.

I remember the flyman having a pretty unique personality; instead of actually coming after you it would just sort of mope around miserably and leave hazardous puddles of vomit on the floor.

Yes, the crab's eyeballs can float out of its head and attack independently. This giant enemy crab was actually one of those mean optional side bosses.

The plants looked like a boring design until I saw them in action. With their tentacles retracted, they look comically like a big, bushy tribble slowly scooting along the ground, just waiting for you to get too close!

I like the disturbing Gigeresque face of the mutant cockroach, and the ootheca (egg case) would actually drop off and release a mini-cockroach during battle. You would expect this to be a common low-level enemy, but it was actually another special boss in a challenging side quest.


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omigosh Ferrothorn! :P

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So cool you found this. Thanks for sharing.

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