Friday, July 02, 2010

Magic: the Gathering - Bone Shredder

The "Bone Shredder" is another "Horror" type creature (see last post) and won't be the last one I talk about, by far. It also won't be the last card I show that was designed and illustrated by the awesome Ron Spencer, who has even lurked a little around Bogleech himself. This creature strongly resembles the planktonic larvae of certain real-world mollusks, but with a gigantic mouth, an arthropoid exoskeleton and what appear to be rows of eyes on its wings. Geek that I am, I actually have a little clipping about this card from an old gaming magazine, where Ron is quoted with "Conceiving the physiology of the Pteragastrula Osteophagus was akin to cranial evisceration."

I can imagine, but he still came up with a badass and even rational anatomy for a flying horror that exists to mangle skeletons. His latin name for it, if you're not a science geek, basically means "flying stomach that eats bones."


Anonymous Poseyman said...

AH, another wonderful piece, and what flair, but I wonder, what is next? The Witch Engine, I hope. That was a card to remember.

Oh, and forgot to mention from before, I see the mantis eyes, too. Quite creepy

6:22 PM  
Anonymous MultiTool said...

These things really are beautiful, I've never seen them before. The Bone Shredder's anemone-like 'wings' and arthopodic body are just weird enough to be a real living thing, like some Cambrian alternative.

The Krovikan Horror's living torches bring me back to the art of RS Connett:

8:12 PM  

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